I consider myself an artist. However, when I got my degree I chose to get a photography degree as a Bachelor of Science instead of a Bachelor of Art. For the main reason, I didn’t want to be forced to take a drawing class where I had to draw a hand. LOL But I did […]

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Body Painting – Creating an experince

Are you looking to book a commercial, applying to be on a TV show, or staring in community theatre? You may want a professional headshot. What does it really matter? Well, a couple of things. The most obvious is that during auditions the directors see so many applicants that they need a decent image to […]


Actor Headshots

Did you grow up looking at magazines and imagining what it would be like to be a model or a celebrity? Did you ever see a magazine cover that just inspired you or influenced you? A few years ago I started a magazine to help fulfill that dream for my clients. I wanted to not […]

Fine Art

Have you ever wanted to be in a magazine?

As we all know, when the world started working from home a lot of people never went back to the office. What used to be uncommon for someone to work from home is not extremely common and acceptable. What does this mean for headshots and branding images? The suit and tie used to be standard […]

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Are jackets & ties still necessary for headshots?

Anyone who has ever invested in riding lessons, been on a drill team, or owned a horse knows how much of yourself you pour into your investment. You put your time, your energy, your money, and most of all your love into your passion for horses. What may have started as a mere interest soon […]

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Equestrian Portraits

Sometimes when I tell potential clients that I work with a makeup artist on all my shoots it makes them nervous. Many times people tell me that they don’t think they need that because they don’t wear that much makeup. Even if you don’t wear that much makeup usually for a photoshoot you need just […]

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Understanding On Camera Makeup

I get asked sometimes if I only photograph women. Now you may have noticed most of my brand is focused for women. Mainly because I know how hard women can be on themselves. I personally understand how it can feel to be insecure about your appearance. But here is the deal. Everyone, even men get […]


Men care about their image TOO!

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Jackie and hearing her amazing story. I wanted to share her story with you. In hopes that anyone out there going through this struggle might know they are not alone and their journey is not hopeless. “For more than 10 years I have had a struggle with spinal […]

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A Story of Healing

Do you believe in positve affirmations? Do you believe a positive mind creates a positive life? I do. I believe I need to feed my mind good things. I need to be grateful and praise God. I need to remind myself that I am blessed and I am an amazing person. So for me putting […]

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Visual Positive Affirmation

“I need new portraits but I want to loose 15lbs first”…. How many times have we heard or said similar statements. Especially after the year of being home on lock down! Trust me I am not calling you out personally. I called myself out first! Except for me it was way way more than 15lbs. […]

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The I Need To Loose Weight Myth