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“I’d love to increase my prices, but I’m afraid people won’t hire me.”

Any of these sound familiar?

“I’m a great photographer, but managing clients is a different story.”

“I know there’s a lot I need to learn but finding the time feels overwhelming.”

“I’m marketing on Facebook, but not getting any new clients.”

Do you have a “wish I would have known” story? 

My moment came after eight years trying to get my business where I wanted it to be with little success.

Working harder and working more did not equal success.

Driven by frustration and a little desperation, I decided to invest in myself in a way I never considered before.

I took a two-day intensive course that at the time was a lot of money for me.

At the end of those two days, I came home a new person.

Most of us do.

thought I knew and raised my

No exaggeration. That’s how much I was undercharging.
It changed my business and my life.

I threw away everything I

prices by 10X.

Today I’m thrilled to be in a place in my photography business where I can guide other photographers who are ready to invest in themselves.

“Chelsea working one on one with me was invaluable. I was able to get directly to what I needed to know quickly. She is extremely personable and makes learning a fun experience, so you don’t feel foolish or overwhelmed.”

Professional Photographer


Photography Coaching Customized for You

This is about you and what you need to thrive. I’ve heard too many stories about photography coaches turning a coaching session into a “look at all the great things I can do” session. The student walks away paying for a confidence-shattering experience. Everyone needs something different, so I make sure I understand what you need before we even agree to work together.

Coaching Packages

Each package has some degree of built-in customization.
We’ll discuss your specific needs during our introductory intro chat.

1. Customized Call

This is all about what you want to know about the photography business. Instead of reading stacks of books and articles, you get to pick my brain about what I’ve learned over the past decade on a 1.5 hour recorded zoom coaching call.

Ask me about photography, marketing, networking, managing clients, getting started, or anything you want. You will send me your questions and topics before the call so I can be prepared to give you the best value during your call.

Total Investment: $450

2. One Day Intensive 

This package gives you two options to choose from. I can dedicate six hours to helping you build your portfolio or you can choose a customized in-person coaching session that can include anything from lighting set up, creating a product guide, hiring editors, creating a marketing plan, and more. You’d be surprised at how much ground we can cover in six hours with a focused plan.

Total Investment: $3,500

What You Get:

Day Includes:
Ultimate Portfolio Build or In-person Coaching

6-hour portfolio build or in-person coaching
Hair and Makeup included
Gift Voucher for your own headshot mini session with

Also included:

1 hour pre-coaching call prior to day one
1 hour follow up call within a month

3. Two Day Coaching Plus

This is a highly customized two-day experience that packages months of self-paced training into two days. This helps you get the training that you need. As well as to go home with all your marketing materials in place and ready to go. 

Total Investment: $8,500

What You Get:

Day One:
Ultimate Portfolio Build or In-person Coaching

6-hour portfolio build or in-person coaching
Hair and Makeup included
Videographer to create your own behind-the-scenes marketing

Also included:

1 hour pre-coaching call prior to day one
1 hour follow up call within a month

Day Two:
Luxury Client Experience

Your very own custom branding session
Hair and makeup
3 hour photoshoot
$3800 Voucher towards your portraits

Luxury Client Experience

You become the client and see how I work. At the same time you get everything you need to brand and market when you get home.

Ready to say goodbye to stuck, underpriced, and frustrated and say hello to more clients, higher prices, and a business you love?

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Meet Your Photography Coach

Chelsea Williams received her Bachelor’s Degree in Photography from Sam Houston State University. She went on to earn a Certified Professional Photographer and Craftsman degree from the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) and is an active member of the Texas Professional Photographers Association.